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Spotlight on Sterilisation 

There is no doubt that dental industry sterilisation standards are rigorous because they need to be given the invasive nature of the work we do. We believe that we at Lumino have some of the highest infection control  standards and processes in the industry. This is because  we have additional checks in place, regular internal audits, and reporting protocols and management oversight that independent dental  practices simply do not have. 
Each year, we undertake approximately 100,000 sterilisation machine events so we’ve put significant time and resources into the development and implementation best practice sterilisation protocols. These protocols also ensure that any breaches in sterilisation protocols are identified and acted upon  immediately.  Patient safety is our top priority. 
What we do to keep to our patients and staff safe:
  • Ongoing sterilisation training is provided to  all practices, and regular audits take place 
  • A Health and Safety reporting and awareness campaign continues to be rolled out  across the network. 
  • When a breach does occur, the incident is escalated and acted upon quickly  in order to minimise the risk to patients