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Lumino Day 2017

Giving back to those who give so much

On Saturday 6 May, over 150 dentists, hygienists and support staff from 30 Lumino practices will be opening their doors to provide free treatment to some very special people for Lumino Day. 

Over 500 family carers from around New Zealand are expected to benefit from this year’s Lumino Day, a day in which Lumino team members have the opportunity to give back by providing free dental treatment such as hygiene services and basic dental care such as fillings.

This year Lumino has partnered with Carers NZ for Lumino Day.  Carers NZ are the national body that provides information, advice, learning and support to family carers around the country.

“Family carers are people who give a lot of their time and themselves to assist a friend or family member who has extra needs due to illness, old age or disabilities,” says Carl Sunderland, General Manager of Carers NZ. “Many carers have had to stop paid work due to the time required to look after the person they are caring for.”

“We couldn’t think of a better organisation to partner with, or people to open our doors to,” says Kerry Dunphy, Lumino’s Head of Marketing.   

“This is our fourth annual Lumino Day and our first supporting Carers NZ, it’s our way of giving back to our communities and saying thank you to family carers for the selfless work they do.  The day is simply about providing carers with an opportunity to focus on themselves and their own self care.” 

Self-care is a luxury for many family carers says Sunderland. 

“Due to the role that family carers play and their continual focus on others, they rarely get time to focus on themselves or their own wellbeing.

“This year, Carers NZ is celebrating the Year of Wellbeing, a reminder to our carers that to support others well, they need to care well for themselves.  Lumino Day is providing a fantastic opportunity and extra incentive for our carers to do just that so it’s great to see so many of our people wanting to take up the opportunity.” 

What is Lumino Day? 
Lumino Day is our day for doing good and giving back to our local community. It’s a day we set aside to provide an opportunity (and possibly extra incentive) for a deserving group of people in our community to visit the dentist and get their basic dental treatment done for free. 
Who are Carers NZ? 
They are the national body that provides information, advice, learning and support to more than 50,000 carers in New Zealand. Carers NZ was established in the early 1990’s by and for family carers and is a not for profit which fundraises to be able to create and share its resources. Carers NZ doesn’t charge a membership fee. 

If you’re a family carer and want to become a member of Carers NZ click here