Professional Development

At Lumino we offer a number of professional development opportunities for our people, a few of which are detailed below:

Lumino Launch

The first year of private practice can be exciting and challenging. LAUNCH is designed to answer many of those challenges, take the stress out of those first years and support our clinicians in their day-to-day private practice experience.

Lumino GO

Lumino Go is our hands on programme for clinicians who are wanting to learn new techniques, grow their practice and accelerate their development. The programme is ideal for those who are mid-career and are committed to their personal growth.

We support our clinicians every step of the way to develop best practice concepts in the real world, and develop the confidence and clinical skills to do great dentistry. We also teach the skills required to grow a great practice including the necessary business acumen to survive in the modern dental world.

Lumino Shine

Shine is a mentoring programme for highly motivated Lumino dentists who are committed to making a difference to their practice and their production. It was initiated and developed by Lumino's Clinical Advisory Board alongside members of the management team. Shine is designed to provide Lumino dentists at any stage of their career with the opportunity to develop further through a long term mentoring relationship.

Learn more about our programmes on our Careers Website