Celebrating Smiles | 05 September, 2022

Lumino Long Bay Welcomes Dr Ashleigh Howlett

Lumino Long Bay is excited to welcome Dr Ashleigh Howlett to the team.

Ashleigh has been practising dentistry for 10 years, 5 of those years in Australia and 5 years back in Auckland. She's unsure how she came to be in dentistry but always wanted to work with people and in health care.

"I never grew up wanting to be a dentist, my go-to was always the doctor in Game of Life. In fact, my family think it's quite funny that I'm a dentist as I always hated going as a teenager."

Ashleigh's favourite thing about dentistry is the diversity and says giving someone back their smile is very rewarding. She enjoys working with different people every day and helping change people's perceptions of dentists.

"It's a very rewarding career as so many people have a perception of finding dentists impersonal and scary. I love working with people to help them overcome this."

Her main piece of advice for patients is 'protect your teeth, we only have one set!'.

"There is so much marketing out there! Talk to your health professionals about what is going to work best for your mouth because it's often simple things we can advise to help protect your teeth."

Her go-to golden tip is to not rinse off your toothpaste, it contains fluoride and if you leave some in your mouth and on your teeth, especially at night then help helps to strengthen and protect them from cavities!

Ashleigh has spent her career working in private practice and has surrounded herself with mentors and colleagues who fuel her passion and personal development. She enjoys the broad scope that general practice offers, with a special interest in oral surgery, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics (root canals), implants and trauma management.

Outside of dentistry, Ashleigh pre-covid, loved to travel but has been making the most of everything New Zealand has to offer and has been diving, walking many of the great walks and out on the water.