Oral Health Resources | 22 August, 2019

Why Joining the Dental Plan Makes Sense to My Family

Busy mum of three Monica had already been a patient of Lumino Remuera Dental Centre for 15 years when she joined the Dental Plan.

She says it just made sense. The convenience of the plan, the ease of joining and the fact that it is cost effective.

“My dentist Jane Hayes suggested I join as I regularly see the hygienist twice a year and the dentist annually so it was cost-effective. I also like the fact that I can spread the payments over the year which makes it very convenient,” she says.

“I like the fact that I am notified when the term is due to expire and it just rolls over unless you wish to cancel it.”

“Joining was easy to do,” says Monica. A patient can sign up directly at one of the practicing practices, or sign up online.

By purchasing a Dental Plan, members receive a bundle of treatments to be used over the course of a year. Included is one comprehensive dentist consultation including exam and x-rays, two standard hygiene visits and 10% off any additional treatments while you have a valid dental plan (excluding implants and orthodontics).

Monica says she soon realised the plan would be suited to her three sons, so joined them up too.

“I signed our sons up to the dental plan when they finished school. I believe it is important to have regular dental care if you can afford it and the Dental Plan makes it easy to spread the cost.”

Monica says she and her husband will continue to finance their children’s dental plans whilst they are still studying. “Hopefully they will choose to continue with it when they have finished university.”

“It’s such a great idea and I will be encouraging the boys to continue with it as well,” she says.

By joining our Lumino Dental Plan, you can rest assured that your dental health remains optimal throughout the year.