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Success Stories

Within five minutes of my initial consultation with Andrew I felt totally at ease and assured of his expertise. He is extremely professional and very friendly. Andrew explained all of my treatment options in detail. The treatment plan he prepared was accompanied by accurate cost estimates. Andrew also explained each procedure in detail prior to it commencing. I found this reassuring. All of the team at Lumino (Burton & Brown) have been very supportive and genuinely interested in my journey.

My teeth look amazing. I am delighted with the results, especially how natural they appear. Andrew was right when he told me that this would change my life. His work has exceeded all of my expectations. Most importantly though, Andrew has given me back my confidence.

Fiona, April 2012

Words can’t describe how happy I am after Andrew completed my new teeth. And by the look on his face I think both of our expectations had been exceeded. I would have cried but I was just so happy I couldn’t stop smiling.

Andrew always listened very well. He offered what he thought was the best solution from his point of view, explained what other options I had and then listened to what I wanted done. His skills go beyond dentistry. I never felt pressured, things were done at a pace I could handle and I always trusted what he said. His obvious experience meant he always had an answer for any question or another plan for any difficult situation.

I have always hated going to the dentist and had a lifetime of neglect in my mouth to show for it. When I looked in the mirror the reflection wasn’t something that matched how I feel inside. Now I have a beaming smile that reflects how I feel.

Karl, June 2012

Testimonial on getting a lovely set of upper teeth implants from Dr John Burton:

a) It took a lot longer than I expected. This is not something to do during a week’s holiday in Bangkok.

b) It cost a lot of money – but I had been quoted in advance, so it wasn’t a shock.

c) The final outcome was better than I could have hoped for. I am happy with my new smile and my new ‘bite’, I think I will be healthier for it, and I expect the implant to serve me well for the rest of my eating career.

Ian, September 2012

The dental work that Dr. John Burton has provided me over the past 10 years has changed not just my physical appearance - it has enhanced my life and made me a happier person.  I first started coming to Dr. Burton about my dental care in my 20s with at least a decade of neglect and fear of judgment from not taking better care of my teeth or gums. I never smiled in photos and I always kept myself at a distance from people because I didn't want them to look at my teeth.

From the very beginning Dr Burton made it possible for me to change those old past habits and fix everything and he did it without judgement.  We talked about my budget, he provided payment plans so that I could get what I need fixed urgently done straight away and he told me how I could prevent further damage.  I had very serious work done (root canals and implants etc) and the care shown to me before, during and after each procedure gave me great confidence that I was dealing with a team of caring experts.
Because of the treatments I'm a much more confident and happier person with a smile I'm truly proud of. Dr Burton brought me out of my shell and I'll forever be grateful for what he's done for me now and in my future.

I would recommend anyone who needs dental care and repair to see Dr John Burton.

Lumino The Dentists patient, September 2012

Thank you very much for offering, at such short notice, to perform the Tongue/Lip tie laser procedure on baby Reuben.

You made us (& Cheryl – our lactation consultant) feel very welcome and comfortable for our appointment.

Despite our appointment being John’s first Tongue/Lip tie laser procedure, we were 100% confident in John’s ability and had every faith that things would go well.

At just 15 days old, Reuben was John’s youngest client ever!

Both Reuben and Emily are now doing well, with the feeding going much better.

We also hear that you are now able to help other mothers and babies in the same boat as us. We feel that having the choice to be able to breast feed your baby is really important. Having a new baby is often a challenging time for new parents and having the additional anxiety or issues with a Tongue/Lip tie baby adds to those challenges. 

We appreciate all that you have done to assist us and would highly recommend your services to other new parents going through tough times with a tongue/lip tie baby.

Lumino The Dentists Patient, November 2012

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