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$169 Exam, X-Rays and Clean (usually $219)

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We’re offering $169 Exam, X-Rays and Clean (usually $219) at Lumino Dargaville throughout July and August.

Our dentists have looked after the smiles of thousands of Kiwis just like you. We’re your trusted, friendly professionals, treating patients all over New Zealand.

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Why get a dental check-up?

Prevention is better than cure and it's cheaper. Regular dentists visits will help you stay on top of your oral health. You will save money and reduce the risk of needing further, more expensive dental treatment in the future.

When you visit a dentist for a check up you will feel more at ease knowing you're taking care of your smile, rather than putting it off. Regular dentist visits will also help detect any problems before they become serious. 

Feel more comfortable in the chair with our professional, highly skilled team of dentists. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we're here to help. We're just like you and we understand how you feel.