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Success Stories

After an accident in 1996 and a bad experience with a dentist, I found it impossible to go back as I developed a fear to the point where I tried but backed out at the waiting room. In 1999 I had to go due to needing fillings in the two front teeth this too turned out to be an experience I'd rather not have repeated. I was also unhappy with the result as the fillings were so obvious and extremely painful.

Then two weeks ago I rang your great front of house. I immediately felt more comfortable due to her reassurance that things would be a lot better. Dr Wee also made me feel very comfortable to the point I had the fillings I was unhappy with redone. His service and skill is second to none in my eyes and I'm very happy with the results. Erin's service was also fantastic and results got better over 2-3 days.

I just wanted to say thank you and that your staff are fantastic and a true asset to Lumino, I no longer fear the dentist and I have another appointment with Erin.

Anthony, Lumino Lower Hutt patient

Hi there, I just wanted to say that I am so pleased with Lumino in Lower Hutt, what a lovely dentist and assistant. My daughter Olivia had her first visit and a filling today and they were so kind, gentle and wonderful with her. She has come away with a positive experience which is so important for a toddler. THANK YOU! Will be definitely going there in future. A lovely team and now going to the dentist is not scary at all! 

Kind regards,

Paula, Mother of Lumino Lower Hutt Patient

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