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Welcome to Lumino Auckland Central

(Formerly Proudmouth)

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Patient Reviews

Made the right decision to join Lumino!

I've been living in Auckland for the past 6 years but had still been seeing my old dentist in Hamilton - which was getting harder and harder to do. Being one of those people with a deep fear and past traumatic experiences of seeing a dentist I was feeling a fair bit of trepidation at finding a new dentist! The positive online reviews offered some reassurance and my experience with Prateesh at Auckland Central let me know I'd absolutely made the right decision to join Lumino!

Shiloh G - Lumino Auckland Central Patient,

Very nice new facility

Very nice new facility in AMP Building. Couldn’t have asked for friendlier service.

Melissa Turner - Lumino Auckland Central Patient ,

Treatment was amazing

The reason the cost was not aligned with level of treatment I received is because the treatment was AMAZING and I was so surprised with the totally manageable cost when signing up to a package. I’m from Hawkes Bay; and there each Hygienist treatment is $195 per visit!! I totally recommend going to this Lumino clinic in Auckland! My hygienist was a South African woman with great chat and she was VERY gentle! So happy!!

Marianna B - Lumino Proudmouth Patient,

Friendly and helpful

All the staff were friendly and helpful. One of the most painless dental experiences I've had. Also, I liked the TV on the roof!

Elloisee J - Lumino Proudmouth Patient,

Just so impressed

I am thrilled with all the staff from the moment I talked to the lovely lady on the phone to the best dentist Janet. First time I have had her and her assistant Lewis. Just so impressed. Professional and caring, Thank you.

Terri S - Lumino Proudmouth Patient,