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Dr-Sergei-antipenko-x150.jpgDr John Burton

Lead Dentist

Dr John Burton is a highly regarded dentist in the Wellington area who has spent a fortune on qualifications and training in general and cosmetic dentistry. That’s what happens when your special interests are gum health, dental implants, Invisalign (invisible braces) and restoring worn mouths. John is also passionate about safe removal of amalgam fillings.

For a dentist of his experience and skill, John’s approach is refreshingly relaxed. His patients always have fun and feel at ease. There are not many topics he can’t converse in, with a list of hobbies and random interests as long as an Elephant’s elongated second incisor (another name for it’s tusk, did you know?).

When he’s not applying his scientific and holistically focused mind to the challenge of dentistry, John is likely to be found outdoors or at a concert. His happy places are at a Stones gig, skiing in Japan, or bush-bashing with his two dogs through a forest.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery - University of Otago - 1977