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Dr-Sergei-antipenko-x150.jpgDr Sophia Ling


Sophia is the most friendly and nurturing dentist on the planet. Patients often feel compelled to give her a hug at the end of their appointments. It’s the ultimate result for the hard work Sophia puts in listening, explaining her work and caring deeply about her patients’ health and wellbeing.

Amidst all this selflessness, Sophia is finding time to further her abilities. Preventative dentistry, minimal intervention, and cosmetic dentistry are her current focus. She’s also keen on studying implants and aesthetic dental procedures including ceramic restorations. Would you believe she is also currently completing a business degree?

Where she finds time to throw her amazing, renowned house parties is beyond us, but we enjoy hearing about them on Monday mornings regardless. Her hilarious stories about growing up in Malaysia are also staff-room favourites.

Bachelor of Dental Surgery - University of Otago - 2007