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Christchurch City

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Lumino Day 2017 at Christchurch City

"I saw several patients In the afternoon who's dentistry had been put on the  back burner due to the financial , emotional and time constraints of looking after sick loved ones. I walked away feeling pretty blessed my Victor, touch wood, is a healthy wee man."
- Dr Ben Harris

“One of the most memorable patients on Lumino day for me was a lady called Anna. She was very sweet and had shared with me her remarkable story of caring for her nephews and nieces along with being a mum of two herself and a third on the way! 

Because she had spent so much time helping others, things like a tooth ache had become a lesser priority for her. It was very fulfilling to be able to give back and help resolve her dental worries." 
- Dr Bridgette Lyne

About Lumino Day

Lumino Day, now in its fourth year, partnered for the first time with Carers NZ to provide over $165,000 of free dental treatment to over 400 family carers. More than 150 dentists, hygienists and support staff from 30 Lumino the Dentists dental practices across New Zealand, gave up their time on Saturday 6 May 2017, to support their local communities.

• Over $165,000 in free dental treatment
• 417 deserving patients treated
• 30 Lumino practices across New Zealand participated in Lumino Day 2017
• Over 150 dentists, hygienists and support staff helped to make this day possible

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