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Christchurch City

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Patient Reviews

Great team, brilliant service

Brilliant service. The entire way from text to alert of an upcoming visit to leaving and arranging follow up as required. Great team.

Caleb V - Lumino Christchurch City Patient ,

Can’t be more thankful

Brigette and her assistant are amazing! They made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I’m so happy with how they’ve helped me so far and can’t be more thankful.

Nicola M - Lumino Christchurch City Patient,

Jake is wonderful

I love the way I am greeted by name. Jake is such a wonderful person to deal with always very polite and respectful.

Fiona E - Lumino Christchurch City patient,

Peace of mind for me

I hate needles and and hearing the drills inside your mouth. I contemplated running away when I arrived. But Dr McCafferty and assistant were excellent. 98% was painless, I even had a wee snooze. Thank you so much to Lumino for the Carers day. I didnt get to thank everyone for that day in May. It means so much to me as a full time carer. We really do neglect and put ourselves last. It's awesome for your team to give to people like us. I think the dental plan you have is an excellent idea and reasonable. It's a good way to keep your teeth in check. Thank you to everybody at the City branch, you have made my visit a peace of mind for me! I will be back along with friends and families.

Luia F - Lumino Christchurch City Patient,

Relaxed pleasurable experience

Brigette & her team are just fantastic! They have turned going to the dentist into a relaxed pleasurable experience rather than my previous experiences which have been painful & stressful! So I highly recommend Lumino to everyone!

Jamie H - Lumino Christchurch City Patient,