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Lumino the Dentists

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Welcome to Family Dental Centre, greymouth

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Patient Reviews

Pain free and quick

Pain free and quick. Dentists are never associated with low cost so I had to expect to pay for what I got and the fact the service was great, eased the pain in my pocket somewhat!

Guthrie D - Lumino Greymouth Family Dental Patient,

Treat you with respect

I am petrified of the dentist after bad experiences as a child and hate going to the dentist but Greymouth Lumino take their time and don't make you feel bad for “letting your teeth go bad” and having a mouth of fillings (I am very embarrassed as an adult to have such poor teeth and a mouth full of fillings). They treat you with respect and you never feel rushed.

Susan G - Lumino Greymouth Family Dental Patient,

Holiday mishap to happy patient

I was on holiday when I knocked off part of my two front teeth. Thanks so much to Lisa and your team for fixing me. Your staff are lovely and Lisa made me feel very comfortable and was great at explaining what was happening - I am really pleased with the result.

Colleen H - Lumino Greymouth Family Dental Patient,

Very happy with care

I was well looked after and everything explained well, very happy with care.

Phillip H - Lumino Greymouth Family Dental ,


I hate injections and have had negative experiences in the past which has made me loathe going to the dentist, so much so my teeth suffered and deteriorated over the year. My dentist did not rush. He was patient and made me feel relaxed and was one of the best injections I have ever had prior to dental work. Thank you for being patient and taking your time with a nervous mildly phobic customer.

Susan G - Lumino Greymouth Patient ,