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Welcome to Garry Rae Dental

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Dr Garry RaeDr Garry Rae

Lead Dentist

Garry is the Lead Dentist at Garry Rae Dental. He graduated from The University of Otago in 1978 with a BDS. He then moved to Greymouth and has been practising there ever since. He joined Lumino in 2009.

In his role he looks forward to walk in patients with complex dental problems. He really enjoys living in a small rural town where a dentist has to use all of ones general dental skills to reconstruct damaged dental tissue and providing dentures to those who have lost the battle to retain their own teeth. Garry gets great pleasure out of being confronted by his dental work that was placed over 35 years and seeing much of it still functioning.

His clinical interests include cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, endodontics and using new exciting technologies that make the art of dentistry more exciting and enabling dentists to offer patients better, longer lasting results. Garry is also an active member of the NZACD and regularly attends cosmetic dentistry conferences and courses, he continues to learn from every patient that walks into the clinic and those he treats.

Garry is a keen outdoor person. When not in the practice, you'll find him fishing, scuba diving, mountain biking, kayaking and playing golf in the summer and skiing and playing kayak polo during the winter. He is also an active co-owner of a small vineyard in Waipara and has a passion for fine wine, food and music.