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Maridel Cabrera

Maridel Cabrera


Maridel started working with Lumino as a Dental Assistant and left to study at Auckland University of Technology. Maridel graduated with a BHSc in Oral Health in 2010 and rejoined the practice in September 2011.

The most enjoyable part of Maridel’s job is meeting people from all walks of life and being able to help them improve and maintain good oral hygiene. Maridel is interested in oral health promotion focusing on preventing gum disease and other oral diseases by developing home care plans and dietary advice to maintain good oral health.

Maridel believes that with a caring approach and by showing empathy to her patients she can help and motivate them to comply with their treatment plan and home care plans to maintain their oral health.

Out side of practice hours Maridel loves spending time with her family. They love watching dvds together and Maridel enjoys cooking for them.