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Welcome to our Henderson Practice

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Patient Reviews

Very friendly and helpful

The clinicians and staff were very friendly and helpful. They provided me with great information during my consultation.

Kathleen N - Lumino Henderson Patient,

Good quality treatment

I appreciate the courtesy and friendliness of staff, and the collegial atmosphere within the Henderson practice, as well as good quality treatment and competitive pricing.

Charmaine P - Lumino Henderson Patient,

So happy with my results

First time experience at a dentist since high school and Zoran is definitely going to be who I go to every time in the future. Completely thorough and informative, very fast and efficient execution and took care of my best interests on every level, especially my nervousness towards the dental visit itself. All staff is lovely and accommodating, the practice is entirely clean and well kept. So happy with my results and the care the Lumino Henderson Dental Staff provided. Thank you so much and most of all thank you Zoran

Summer S - Lumino Henderson Patient,

Higher than "EXCELLENT"

If there is any superlative higher than "EXCELLENT" than I would have no hesitation in using that word. The entire crew at Henderson are just Wonderful!

Nitya R - Lumino Henderson Patient,

Finally found a place where I actively seek the care of my teeth

As always all the staff are amazing. My anxiety levels are always high when it comes to visiting the dentist. This stems from my early years with the school dental nurse. However I have finally found a place where I actively seek the care of my teeth. Thank you

Aroha S - Lumino Henderson Patient,