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Welcome to Rotorua inCity Dental

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Dr Matthew Wright of Rotorua InCity DentalDr Matthew Wright


Matt was brought up on the West Coast of Scotland. Between Glasgow and the small Island of Bute. He qualified from Glasgow University in 1989 and has maintained a private practice since then. Arriving in New Zealand in 1993 he practiced in the bustling metropolitan of Otorohanga for 7yrs before moving to Tauranga and then finally settling in Rotorua in 2008. Matt has spent many hours at post graduate training allowing him to offer implant based restorations as well as high quality same day computer designed crown work for immediate restoration of aesthetically important areas. His new baby is Biomimetic Dentistry. 

"I think that dentists get a bit overly serious about what we do most of the time. I like to have a laugh, I love to sing and tell jokes and yes I have been known to swear frequently. After all I was trained in Glasgow and if you removed all the swearing there would be nothing left to say. So if your ideal dentist is an anally retentive professional with proper manners and no personality ignore this website and find someone else!"

Read more here about Dr Matt Wright's practice and his view on Biomimetic Dentistry, a sensitive restorative approach which reduces the need for root canal therapy and full coverage crowns.

Member of-
New Zealand Dental Association
New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
New Zealand Institute of Minimally Invasive Dentistry
Academy of Biomimetic Dentistry USA