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Welcome to Kerikeri Dental Centre

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Our Tips

We offer natural preventative advice and treatments:

We recommend brushing your teeth for 2 minutes, morning and evening after eating. Spend 30 seconds in each quarter of your mouth, starting in the upper right side and working your way along your top jaw to the upper left side, then along the bottom jaw.

We recommend flossing your teeth at night on a regular basis. Dental tape may be more effective, especially in-between tight fitting teeth or sensitive gums. Please speak with our Dental Hygienist for more details.

Xylitol-sweetened products have been scientifically proven to help reduce cavities, mineralise teeth and reduce detrimental bacteria in the mouth. we recommend either chewing xylitol gum after meals and snacks (also stimulating saliva production), or xylitol mints after meals and snacks. We are the exclusive distributors of SPRYZ products in New Zealand, available in our clinic or online.

A diet that avoids acidic foods and avoids high sugar content foods (including cane sugar, sucrose, fructose, glucose) will support healthy gums & teeth, and reduce the chance of cavities developing. Frequent snacking of foods with a high carbohydrate content, acidic or sugar content is shown to increase your risk of tooth decay.

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