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CerecCerec uses advanced CAD/CAM (computer assisted design software) technology to design and sculpt a precise filling, crown or veneer from tooth like porcelain. We permanently bond this onto your tooth rebuilding your tooth to its former strength. In just one visit, you can have beautiful Cerec porcelain restorations that look and feel completely natural. Kerikeri Dental Centre is the only dental practice north of Auckland offering this revolutionary technology – unquestionably the most durable, aesthetic restoration system available today. 

The 'Wand'

The WandTHE WAND COMPUTER CONTROLLED ANAESTHETIC DELIVERY SYSTEM THE WAND® represents the first major technological advance in anaesthetic delivery since the syringe was first invented nearly one hundred fifty years ago. This computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system conquers fear of pain and anxiety. The Wand helps give our patients the highest quality dental care while addressing their concerns about the pain, fear and anxiety associated with standard syringe injections. This device can be positioned more accurately and has a controlled flow rate, delivering the correct amount of anaesthetic at a rate that provides a steady level of comfort. Its disposable cartridge sheaths mean a safe, sterile procedure for each patient. With this system, we can give almost painless injections and in certain cases, numb just one tooth. What this all means to you, our patient, is less anaesthetic, but a more profound numbing. And that's a good thing! 

Bacteria and Saliva Testing

The average human mouth contains over 400 strains of bacteria, some beneficial and others detrimental. The main cavity causing bacteria called Streptoccus Mutans thrives in an acidic mouth and high numbers of this in your mouth increase your risk of tooth decay. This bacteria can be transferred from mother to child and put your child at a high risk of developing tooth decay in later life. As part of our preventative practice, we can test your mouth to reveal how much Strep Mutans is in your mouth. We can also test your natural defence mechanism – saliva – the most important protection for your teeth and gums. It works in seven different ways: it cleans your mouth, contains anti-bodies to prevent infections and buffers your mouth from acid attack. 


Rotary Endos

We have the latest technology to make root canal therapy faster and more effective. 


Ozone Treatment

The most effective way to sterlise a cavity. Can reduce the amount of tooth needed to removed and help the tooth heal itself.


Interoral Cameras

We can help you to understand your dental problem with photos from inside your mouth. 


Myofunctional Appliances

Featuring the MYOBRACE system (breathing / swallowing / environmental / emotional) 



X-Rays are important because they help us detect conditions that may not be visible in the mouth such as: decay between teeth or under existing fillings, receding bone (due to periodontal disease), infected or abscessed teeth, and other early signs of oral imbalance

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