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Welcome to Kerry Hamilton Dental Surgery

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Dr-Sergei-antipenko-x150.jpgDr Peter Liston

O.M.F.S. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

As the only Oral Surgeon in the Taranaki area Peter is required to perform the more complicated surgeries. During the week Peter consults at Hamilton Dental on a Monday & Thursday. On his other days he is either operating at Taranaki Base hospital or at Southern Cross. Most of Peter’s work involves the extraction of teeth, (especially wisdom teeth), jaw surgery, joint , gland, oral & facial cancer, Orthognathic & Implant surgery and other oral related issues.

As the only Oral Surgeon in the Taranaki area Peter is required to perform the more complicated oral surgeries. This includes the extraction of impacted and unerupted teeth, in particular wisdom teeth. These can be very tricky operations as the roots of wisdom teeth are often very close to the inferior dental nerve, if damaged it can lead to long-term facial paralysis.

The surgical placement of Implants is also a large part of his practice. This often involves the extraction of a single or multiple teeth, bone grafts and finally the placement of 1 or more titanium screws. These act like a tooth root onto which a false tooth or denture can later be attached.

Many patients opt to have IV sedation during these procedures. Having this option allows the patient the benefit of having a low dose of anaesthesia without having to subject themselves to a full blown general anaesthetic. IV Sedation gently relaxes the patient into a semi-conscious state while the operation is performed.

If you are considering Implants, Extractions or need a biopsy or have a concern regarding a facial or oral growth then it is worthwhile seeking Peter’s expert advice.

If you have medical or surgical cover most insurance policies cover his fee as a registered Surgeon.

Peter’s interests include his large family & skiing.