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Patient Reviews

An extraordinary experience

For a dentist an extraordinary experience. Everyone was pleasant and professional. The dentist was skilled, gentle and explained the process well. It didn't hurt nearly as much as I thought in my mouth or my wallet.

Terence N - Lumino Red Beach Patient,

Such a difference to his 'relationship' with dentists

My son visits you guys and he recently had a filling. He said it didnt hurt at all and the lady was really nice. That makes such a difference to his 'relationship' with dentists moving forward in his life. Appreciate it.

Maddox D - Lumino Red Beach Patient,

Make me feel less nervous!

Very friendly greetings from all staff from receptionist, dentist, technician and hygenist. Johann makes sure there is very little pain when drilling and extracting teeth, and Jake made sure I was comfortable when making my new dentures , so everyoe has made me feel less nervous about visiting. Much, much better than other practises I have used in the past.

Sharyn B - Lumino Red Beach patient ,

Highly recommend

Price keeps going up for my cleans but i will only visit Kelly for this treatmnet she does a wonderful job and is very gentle with her treatment. Always giving me great tips and feedback too. I love Sue on admin she is so friendly and good at sending me my reminders, Riana is the best dentist i have been to in my life and i been to a few. My husband like Yohan too so the team there are amazing, i rave about them a lot to my friends and family too.Highly recommend.

Kylie L - Lumino Red Beach Patient ,

Top class from start to finish

Was so appreciative of the time taken and the care and expertise showed. Top class from start to finish and I’ll be back.

Tracy S - Lumino Red Beach Patient,