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Dr Jeremy JiangDr Jeremy Jiang


Jeremy graduated from Otago University's School of Dentistry, in 2007. His first position was as the Dental House Officer at Palmerston North Hospital. After that, he moved to Australia to work as a dentist for three years. 

In 2013, Jeremy decided to move back to Taiwan and spend some time with his parents. After two examinations and a one-year internship in Taiwan, he obtained his Taiwan dental registration and then practised dentistry at a private practice in Taiwan. Recently Jeremy decided to return to New Zealand and become a member in Lumino Remuera Dental Centre.

After years of practice in dentistry, he has found that his key interests in all aspect of dentistry and continues to broaden his knowledge and skill through courses and conferences. Jeremy can speak fluent Mandarin/Chinese and some Taiwanese (the regional dialect).


杰里米·江 毕业于新西兰奥塔哥(Otago)大学牙医学系。毕业后, 他立即开始在新西兰北帕默斯顿医院担任牙医师。经过了两年的医院职业生涯, 他辗转得申请到了澳大利亚墨尔本皇家牙科医院的牙医师职缺, 于是他便搬到澳大利亚。

由于长期离开家在外求学和工作, 在2013年杰里米决定搬回台湾陪伴他的父母。在经过台湾的牙医师国家考试(两份的笔试及一年的实习)后, 杰里米取得了他的台湾牙医师执照, 并在台湾的私人诊所职业。杰里米最近决定返回新西兰并成为Lumino位于Remuera区的Remuera Dental Centre成员。

经过多年的牙医职业, 杰里米发现, 他的兴趣不局限于某一特定的牙科专科。他持续通过课程和会议来扩大他的牙科知识和技术。杰里米能说一口流利的普通话/中文, 甚至会说台湾话(地方语言)。