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Welcome to Rotorua inCity Dental

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About Us

Welcome to our Rotorua InCity Dental practice. We are your local Roturua dentists who are committed to providing patients with only the best services available.

Our mission here at Lumino Rotorua InCity Dental is to help raise awareness and restoring damaged teeth in a natural way. We are committed to promoting conservative alternatives to traditional dentistry and provide invasive procedures preserving as much tooth as possible.

We will provide our patients in Rotorua with specialized, technically skilled and pain-free treatment. This is achieved by continuous training with the best lecturers around the world and using state of the art technology. During our initial check-up we will provide our patients with a comprehensive and complete treatment plan which we will utilize all of our latest equipment and knowledge.
"The quote on the wall when you walk up the stairs, 'The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. - Marcel Proust', isn't about having new eyes it's about looking at something you've looked at everyday and realizing there is something new that you haven't seen before. When that happens you can never go back to what you used to and you will always see it" says Dr. Matt Wright.

Read more about Biomimetic Dentistry, an approach used by Dr Matt Wright and his team at Rotorua InCity Dental on the Lumino-Love Your Smile blog. 

Please note: the range of services and related fees may differ between practices.