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Hatta ClarkDr Paola Fenton


Paola graduated in 2000 in Colombia, with a Bachelor Degree in Dentistry. With a desire to gain experience in modern dental techniques, Paola relocated to London, where she worked along side a senior dentist of considerable skills, and 30 years of dental experience. He became her mentor and guided her through a number of techniques including dental implants, sinus lifts, bone augmentations and various cosmetic treatments. As a result, Paola has developed a keen interest in the world of dental implants, and continues to pursue advances in this field.

Later on, Paola moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she gained certification with the Australian Dental Council in 2012. She worked along side a number of specialists, and continued to build upon her experience with cosmetic dentistry, implants and adult orthodontics.

Drawn to the stunning natural beauty and serenity of New Zealand, Paola and her Kiwi husband Simon decided to move across and settle in the beautiful Hawkes' Bay. Paola strives to stay up to date with modern dental techniques and procedures, attending seminars both here in New Zealand and Australia as well as subscribing to numerous dental publications. Her main area of interest continues to be cosmetic dentistry and is excited by recent advances in this field that allow less invasive techniques to achieve equal if not better results compared to conventional treatments.

Paola places great importance in maintaining good oral health, and believes this plays a significant role in preventing disease and other oral complications. She aims to identify and treat the root cause of the dental condition, not just the symptoms, which makes for better long term results in overall health and well being. Paola goes to great lengths to ensure patients have a thorough understanding of their treatment options. She maintains a very gentle and calm approach, which assure patients feel comfortable, and at ease at all times.

In her free time Paola enjoys travelling, reading, exploring the outdoors and as a good Latina, dancing.