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Saving Money

Need to know how to save money at the dentist? Are you worried about the cost if things go wrong?

Oral health care in New Zealand has reached a turning point. Currently, the Ministry of Health promotes programmes to ensure that healthy teeth will last a lifetime. Children are eligible for free dental care through the Ministry of Health. After the age of 18, young people move into adulthood. Standing on their own two feet for the first time, going to the dentist can be low on the list of priorities. Without regularly visiting the dentist, problems can develop and quickly escalate into more difficult, and therefore more expensive to treat issues.

At Lumino we do understand that budget challenges and fear about the cost of emergency dental treatment can lead to avoidance. And that's where the problems tend to begin. Because the Ministry of Health doesn't subsidise adult dental care, once you've turned 18, dental care becomes fully funded by you. We do understand that can be a challenge for many - unfortunately it's something that's out of our control. And when you visit the dentist only if you're in pain, or in an emergency, it can hurt, and it can be more expensive. This can lead to even more avoidance once the problem is fixed, even when you know better.

Preventative care

Sometimes it's been years since you last visited the dentist. Perhaps you don't even have an electric toothbrush at home. Wherever you are now with your oral health care, it's a great time to start now with the right oral health habits at home and the support of your Lumino practice.

To save money on dental bills, make sure you've got good preventative care in place. There's three key parts to this:

Oral health habits at home. Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly, twice a day, and floss daily.

Lifestyle changes. Try to avoid sweet food like lollies, cakes and ice cream. If you do, try to minimise the impact by not snacking between meals. If you're not near a toothbrush and toothpaste, make sure you rinse your mouth after with water, or chew some sugar-free dental gum.

Visiting the dentist often. Ideally you should have an Exam & X-Rays Check-Up once each year, and two hygiene treatments each year. When you commit to these optimal oral health treatments each year, your teeth are maintained and issues are stopped before they develop or become worse.


Visiting often

Visiting the dentist more often, to save money, can at first seem counter-intuitive. But if you've only ever been to the dentist because toothache has forced your hand, you've never experienced proactive and positive dentistry.

Prevention really is better than cure, when it comes to your teeth. And to prevent expensive problems, and save money, we've created the Lumino Dental Plan. You've only got one set of teeth. The Lumino Dental Plan helps you keep them your whole life. Research shows you will spend less in the long run on your oral health when you invest in preventative dental treatments.

What's included. The plan is an annual subscription, that costs less than $1 a day. It gives you three discounted treatments each year:

Saving money. As well as saving on your three treatments with your special discounted price, you also get 10% discount* off additional dental treatments, such as fillings, teeth whitening, and much more.

*10% discount excludes dental implants and orthodontic treatments.
^Research shows oral health prevention can reduce total dental health costs over the long term, due to the benefits of regular maintenance and prevention.

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The Lumino Dental Plan is an annual subscription plan that costs less than $1 a day. The plan saves you money in three different ways:

  • On the three included treatments, which are discounted from the regular price
  • On any additional treatments, with 10% off, excluding implants and orthodontic treatments
  • Over time, because research shows preventative care saves you money on dental bills in the long run

You can pay for the plan annually in advance, or in 12 monthly payments. It helps you budget for your oral health care all year round.

At home, there's two things you can do. The first is to maintain a good oral health routine that includes brushing your teeth thoroughly, twice a day, and preferably with an electric toothbrush. You should also floss between your teeth once a day. And secondly, try to avoid problem food and drink, especially sugary food like lollies, cakes and ice cream, and drinks that are fizzy or acidic. If you're not near a toothbrush and toothpaste, afterwards make sure you rinse your mouth with warm water, or drink a glass of water, or chew some sugar-free dental gum.


If you want to save money or you are worried you can't afford to pay for a treatment you need, don't worry. We have a wide range of pay later options, including Q Card and Afterpay. We also accept credit cards. If you qualify for subsidised treatments or other discounts, you may also be able to take advantage of these. Have a look at our Pricing & Offers to see if there's some options there for you.

We get it. We’re New Zealand’s largest group of dentists so we’ve seen more scared patients than any other dental practice in the country. For most people who are scared about visiting the dentist it’s because they’ve had a bad experience in the past. Relax. Our gentle and compassionate dentists understand how you feel. Whether you’re anxious or worried about experiencing more pain or the potential cost of the treatment, the best thing to do is to let us know how you feel. Making sure you feel comfortable is part of our job.