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Lumino Day 2018

This May, We celebrated our 5th Annual Lumino Day

For the fifth year running, Lumino The Dentists have provided free dental care for hundreds of deserving patients up and down New Zealand. 

Lumino the Dentists and Carers NZ, the national body that provides information, Carers NZadvice, learning and support to family carers partnered for the second year to help support hundreds of deserving Kiwis.

Over 450 patients received free treatment this year, in what is the largest free dental event in the country. 

Since it’s beginning in 2013, Lumino Day has provided treatment to over 2500 patients to the value of $900,000.
Lumino Hygienist Karen Chung treats a patient from Carers NZ at this year’s event
Lumino Hygienist Karen Chung treats a patient from Carers NZ at this year’s event

A team of 83 clinical staff and close to 150 support staff from Lumino The Dentists were on hand to treat or assist the unpaid carers at the 32 participating practices.

More than 420,000 people in New Zealand are reported to be looking after a family member who is sick or has a disability. For many, this has meant a major loss of income and up to 30 hours of additional unpaid care work every week. Lumino The Dentists CEO Andy Tapper says Lumino Day has become a highlight of the calendar year.
 “We are aware that looking after oral health is not something that many carers put as a priority, so Lumino Day is just a small opportunity to lend a hand to a group of very deserving people. It’s our way to give back to our communities and provide carers with an opportunity to focus on themselves and their own selfcare."
Lumino Day is a day set aside to provide an opportunity for a deserving group of people in the community to visit their local Lumino dentist and have their basic dental treatment done for free. Hear more about the day from TVNZ's Seven Sharp at our Lumino Takapuna practice. 

It is a yearly event, and Lumino The Dentists look forward to opening their doors once again in 2019.