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Harcourts Beach Series

Lumino are proud sponsors of the Harcourts Beach Series for the 2017/2018 season.

As a Harcourts Beach Series participant, you want to keep fit and have fun. Having a healthy smile is part of that package, and that’s where we come in! Lumino The Dentists is proud to be associated with the Harcourts Beach Series in 2017/18!

Visit any one our 29 Auckland practices. The following are located on the North Shore:

We are also conveniently located across New Zealand, making visiting a Lumino Dentist easy and accessible!

Why Choose Lumino?

  • Lumino The Dentists have your dental work covered. We cater to all aspects of your dental needs and with practices across Auckland, we offer the best in cosmetic treatments, implants, crowns and bridges, specialist orthodontics and general dentistry, as well as emergency treatment. Our collective goal is to make dentistry positive, and we are immensely proud of the difference we make to New Zealanders. At Lumino The Dentists you will experience a personalised dental service that will leave you smiling.
  • We’re in the neighbourhood! We have a practice in Takapuna, just minutes from the beach.
  • 18 months no payments & no interest on all dental treatments over $300*
  • Ready when you are: Our Takapuna practice has a late night Monday through to Thursday, and even open every Saturday!
  • Join the Lumino Dental Plan and for less than $25 a month, and rest assured that your dental health remains optimal throughout the year.
  • Lumino has a dedicated Implant Centre. Offering the best in placement and/or restoring or dental implants.
  • *Q Mastercard lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.


Fun dental tips/facts for you sporty people

  • Regular dental cleanings can help prevent heart attacks.
  • Where do you store your toothbrush? If it's anywhere near your toilet, chances are bacteria from toilet flushing has landed on your bristles! Keep that lid down and your brush head clean and covered!
  • Change your toothbrush every season.
  • "Nines" is when you have an extra tooth across your bottom set of teeth; the average person only has 8!
  • Each year, the 20th of September is an official holiday in China; this day is called “Love your teeth” day. How about a “Love your smile” day?
  • Most people prefer to use blue toothbrushes than the racy red ones!