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Custom-Made Mouthguards

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Mouthguard for sportsInjuries sustained playing sports is the number one reason for people damaging their teeth and wearing a mouth guard can prevent a painful accidents and injuries.

Lumino dentists across the country can help fit you with a custom made mouth guard so that you and your teeth are better protected at your next sports game.

We’ll take the impressions and then over the course of approximately a week we’ll mould the mouth guard using technology our clinic have in their surgeries.

It became compulsory in 1998 for players in all grades of rugby to wear mouth guards during matches so it’s essential that you have one and that it fits well.

The New Zealand Dental Association recommends a good mouth guard should be of sufficient thickness in the correct areas, resilient, well retained, comfortable and should not interfere with your speaking and breathing.

Book with your local Lumino today to get fitted for you custom-made mouth guard. 

entist Gary Mitchelmore of Dannevirke Family Dentists discusses the importance of custom-made mouthguards, particularly in school level rugby. Read about it here on Lumino's Love Your Smile blog.
Free Dental Care For Teens

Free Dental Care For Teens

What teenagers are entitled to: All teens Year Nine to 17 years old are eligible to receive free basic dental treatments.

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