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Dental Implants - Surgical Placement

Getting a dental  implant is a two-step process!

Step 1 is the implant placement:

The titanium /alloy implant is surgically placed  and left to fuse with the jawbone. Very few dentists have the training and experience to carry out this complicated procedure. In most cases, these dentists also carry out the second step.

Step 2 is the  implant restoration:

The  replica tooth, crown or denture is fitted on top of the fused implant. Most dentists can carry out this procedure.

Within the Lumino group, only a small handful of our 200 dentists have the training, experience and specialised equipment required to  carry out the crucial first step of the  surgical placement as well as restore the implant. These are our ‘full service  one-stop’ highly qualified implant dentists that can provide you with the complete solution for your dental implant requirements.