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Ready to fix your crooked or crowded teeth?

As New Zealand's dental industry leaders our orthodontic specialists have been proudly straightening smiles using braces for decades. And with our flexible payment options, it’s easy to get sorted without the stress.

The significance of braces is no secret – they’re life-changing and can help you achieve that straight smile you’ve been after.

Dental braces have been around for many years to correct teeth and jaws and help achieve a straight and attractive smile. They help straighten, align and position your teeth and can improve your overall oral health.

What are braces?

Braces are used to correct problems with your teeth and help improve overall oral health. They were first invented in the early 1800s and have changed dramatically since then.

While in treatment with braces your crooked or crowded teeth are straightened and aligned using time and steady gentle pressure to help you achieve a healthy, straight smile. Throughout treatment, adjustments will be made to maintain the pressure required to continue the movement of your teeth.

Braces offer so many benefits and can even help you if you're an adult now. Many people do get braces when they’re teenagers though. Modern materials have made having braces much more comfortable and attractive than in the past. This has contributed to an increase in the popularity of getting braces.

Keen to find out more? Our orthodontic specialists can tell you everything you need to know and determine if braces are right for you at your initial consultation appointment.

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Are braces right for you?

Are your teeth crooked or crowded? Do you want to straighten your smile and improve your overall oral health?

Apart from making your teeth look great, braces also provide many important functional benefits. They can help improve the quality of your teeth, realign your jaw, and make it easier for you to clean your teeth.

Here are some of the many advantages our patients have discovered with braces:

  • Improved appearance - braces can make a huge difference to your smile and correct problems with your bite
  • Better function - once braces are removed you will find it easier to speak and chew as well as brush and floss with ease 
  • Improved confidence - braces help you achieve that perfect, straight smile and can help boost your self-esteem
  • Better oral health - they can help prevent problems that occur from crowded, crooked teeth as well as gaps between your teeth 

See the results

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Why choose us for braces?

We're the industry leaders

  • Patients trust us - we're the New Zealand dentists trusted by more Kiwis than any other
  • We're convenient - we have orthodontists and specialist practices at many locations throughout New Zealand
  • We're affordable - we’re proud to offer braces at competitive prices and a range of payment options to suit you
  • We're experienced - our orthodontic specialists have been transforming smiles using braces for decades!

We give our patients options

  • Happy patients - our goal is to give you choices and make your experience a positive one
  • We understand your needs - our experienced and qualified orthodontists and specialists listen to your concerns
  • Choose how you pay - we offer a range of pay now or pay later options
  • Visit us when it suits you - some of our practices are open extended hours for your convenience

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How much do braces cost?

The cost of braces depends on the type of braces and how long they are on for. Generally, the cost relates to the complexity of the treatment and how long they are on for. Many orthodontic practices offer payment terms or other discounts. The practice will advise you about the cost and payment options at your consultation visit.