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Emergency Dental Treatment During COVID-19

Keeping you safe with happy, healthy smiles.

As a result of the COVID-19 Government Alert Level 4 lockdown in Auckland, all of our Auckland dental practices are closed. Once the current situation changes, we will re-open these practices. We know this is a difficult time for everyone and we hope you stay safe during this time.

Did you have an appointment booked?

If you had an appointment with us while we're in lockdown, you don't need to worry about calling us to cancel it. We will get in touch with you when we re-open.

Until then, for tips on keeping a happy and healthy mouth you can read our blog post with oral health expert suggestions.

Need emergency dental treatment?

Our Auckland practices may be closed but we’re still here to help if you need us. Dental emergencies can include toothache, dental trauma (knocked out or fractured teeth), or facial swelling. If you need emergency dental treatment or relief of pain, please call our Emergency Support Team on 0508 625 368. They will be able to advise you on the most appropriate action, which may include a remote consultation or emergency dental appointment. This number is only available to Auckland patients requiring emergency treatment. If you're located outside of Auckland and need urgent care please contact your local dental practice.

Dentist Call-Back Remote Consultation

If you need to consult with one of our dentists remotely, the Emergency Support Team will refer you for our Dentist Call-Back service. Our on-call emergency dentist will call you back within two hours of receiving your confirmation. They will be able to discuss your symptoms with you and advise you on the most appropriate action, which may include a prescription.

Emergency Dental Treatment Appointment

Following your remote consultation, if you need to come into one of our practices for emergency dental treatment, the Emergency Support Team will arrange a booking for you at one of our emergency practices and explain the process and safety steps to follow, to ensure your wellbeing and that of our team. There will be an additional cost for the extra COVID-19 safety precautions of $95.00* for the initial emergency appointment only. This cost doesn't include any subsequent treatment that may be required, which your dentist will discuss with you at your appointment. Please review the full terms and conditions below before booking an emergency appointment with us.

Let’s stay safe together

Our number one priority is the health and safety of our patients and our team. We already had incredibly high standards and safety protocols before COVID-19, but we’ve now put in place a number of strict additional protocols to help ensure we work in the safest environment possible for emergency dental care. We would like to thank you for working with us to give you the best care, protection and peace-of-mind while looking after your oral health.

We appreciate your support during these extraordinary times.

*T&Cs for emergency appointments:

1. This cost is inclusive of GST.

2. This cost covers:

  • The strict extra safety and hygiene protocols including additional PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that must be used to protect against transmission of COVID-19.
  • It also covers the additional dental assistant staff required for extra sterilisation and wipe down procedures.
  • It allows for longer appointment lengths to enable a full surgery clean down and sterilisation between patient appointments.

3. This cost doesn't include any additional or subsequent emergency dental treatment that you may need.

4. Any additional emergency dental treatment and costs to you will depend on the cause of your pain or emergency, which your dentist will discuss with you at your initial emergency appointment, before proceeding with treatment.