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You've only got one set of teeth. Keep them your whole life with the Lumino Dental Plan.

Being proactive about your oral health is so important. When you join the Lumino Dental Plan you will visit the dentist more often, yet worry less. That's because you will be taking care of your smile the best way possible - with preventative dental care. The plan helps you enjoy the benefits of regular dentist visits, saving money and making your experience a positive one.

Already a member? Visit the Lumino Dental Plan Member Section for everything you need.

What's included in the Lumino Dental Plan?

Two Hygiene Treatments

Hygiene treatments are when a hygienist or oral health therapist examines your mouth to assess the health of your teeth and gums and to look for any signs of disease. They will then do a professional clean and polish, using a combination of modern dental techniques. This removes any bacteria and plaque from above and below the gum surfaces. Once the plaque has been removed, your teeth will be polished, leaving them feeling smooth and fresh.

Your hygienist will then show you how to care for your teeth at home. They will advise you on all aspects of dental hygiene.

Exam & X-Rays Check-Up

A routine exam and x-rays check-up has two main parts:

  • A full check-up of your of your teeth and gums
  • Taking standard dental x-rays

Your dentist will talk to you about your dental health and any concerns you may have. You will have a full visual check-up of all areas of your mouth, not just your teeth and gums. Special instruments are used to make sure all of your teeth, gums and mouth are checked.

You will have standard dental x-rays taken. These help with diagnosis and prevention of decay and disease. Because your dentist sees your teeth and mouth in great detail on an x-ray, they can help spot dental problems early. 

10% Discount Off Most Additional Treatments

As a dental plan member, you also get 10% discount off most additional dental treatments* to help you get sorted for less. If you've been thinking about getting treatment or there's something you've been putting off, you can book it in and save!

*Discount excludes orthodontics and dental implants.

Health kick for your mouth

Regular dental visits are the key to optimum oral health. On average Lumino Dental Plan patients spend less in the long run on their oral health, due to the benefits of their regular maintenance and prevention programme. Regular dental care and great oral hygiene will help keep your teeth healthy for life!

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What does it cost?

The cost of the plan is less than $1 a day at all our practices.