Start Your Lumino Journey

Joining Process & FAQs

The decision to join Lumino and sell your practice is a significant one. We tailor it to suit your needs.

We appreciate that selling your practice is often a decision you're considering privately, to avoid unnecessary worries or anxiety for your staff. In our experience, the key to a successful transition process is privacy and discretion.

We meet with you when and where you choose to make sure your clinical hours and not disrupted and your staff are not disturbed. We make sure the whole process is as smooth as possible with the least impact on your daily business.

There are 10 easy steps to joining Lumino:

  1. An introductory meeting and site visit
  2. A confidentiality agreement
  3. A financial review
  4. The valuation and pricing proposal
  5. Reach agreement on terms and conditions
  6. Preparation of legal documentation
  7. Meeting key people
  8. Planning transition and integration
  9. The financial settlement
  10. Your first day in the group


Our preference is to brand our practices as Lumino. Whether this happens depends on a number of factors, such as the goodwill associated with your own brand, the area your practice is in and the demographic of your patients. There are a number of benefits to having a common brand, such as patient awareness, brand consistency in marketing and lower marketing costs overall. However, it's important that you're comfortable with the name and brand of the practice you're working in. We believe that any name or brand changes should happen no earlier than six months after the transition. This helps make sure that infrastructure changes take place first.

Our practices offer standard general dental services. There's also a growing focus on dentists with special interests in various aspects of dentistry, such as cosmetic treatments, implants and orthodontics. We're also interested in introducing specialists to our patients in the Lumino group.


Typically the hours of your practice will stay the same as they are right now – unless we both believe there's an opportunity to change them for a specific reason or benefit. No changes are made to practice hours without everyone's agreement.

As a practice group we aim to build great relationships with our preferred suppliers to provide the best source and prices for our clinicians. However, your dental freedom of choice is important to us. We would expect that the range of products you prefer to use will be available.

We're believers in keeping good teams together. Your staff would continue to be employed in the practice under normal terms and conditions of employment.

We migrate your patient database into our central database. We use Software of Excellence's EXACT software platform. Integration of our systems is usually fairly straightforward and you would still have all your patients' clinical history at your fingertips.

We undertake strategic marketing initiatives at national, local area and practice level. As long as your current programmes are aligned with our overall marketing strategy, there's no reason why these wouldn't be continued, or even adopted across the group.

It's totally up to you how long you want to stay working in the practice. We need to understand your personal goals and objectives so that we can structure a working arrangement that caters to your work and lifestyle needs. Obviously, the longer you commit for, the better it is for the long-term profitability of the practice. And of course the more you're likely to receive in total value for the practice.