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ACC Dentists

Injured and need urgent dental treatment? With ACC-registered dentists at our practices across New Zealand, we can help get you sorted in no time.

If you’ve suffered from a dental injury caused by an accident, a sporting injury or as the result of dental treatment our ACC-registered dentists can help.

ACC may be able to help towards your treatment costs. Our practices and ACC-registered dentists work with ACC to get the best outcome for you and to get your oral health back on track.

What it is

ACC-accredited dental practices are practices that accept ACC claims for dental treatment, caused by an accident.

If you suffer a dental injury caused by an accident or sporting injury you will need to visit your dentist about the injury as soon as possible.

The treatment needs to be performed by a registered dentist. Your dentist will help you complete an ACC claim form, which they’ll send to ACC. In most cases the dentist will treat you on the first visit and charge you part of their normal fee. ACC will cover the rest of the cost.

If you have any questions at the time of your treatment, simply ask your dentist or the practice receptionist.

Who can use it

When you suffer from a dental injury from an accident, sports injury or as a result of dental treatment you may be eligible for ACC assistance for treatment costs.

You need to visit a ACC accredited dentist after your injury and they’ll make a claim on your behalf. ACC will send you a letter to confirm if you’re injury is covered. This usually happens within a week.

Have questions?

Although many of our practices are ACC-accredited, there are actually a few practices that are not. When you book in for an appointment following your accident, you will need to check that the practice is registered with ACC.

If you suffer a dental injury, see your dentist about the injury as soon as possible. Make sure that your treatment is carried out by a registered dentist. Treatment carried out by a dental technician is not covered by ACC.

You can find information on emergency care tips here.

If your injury is covered by ACC, they can contribute part of your appointment fees or treatment cost to your health provider as set out by the ACC Cost of Treatment Regulations. As it's not fully-funded by ACC, you'll need to pay for the balance. Check with your preferred Lumino practice for their ACC fees, as these may vary across dentist practices. Please visit the ACC website for more details.

If you have a Community Services Card or are a dependent of a Community Services Card holder, aged between 14 and 17-years-old, you may get a lower-cost visit to your GP or dentist. Check with your dentist whether you will able to use your community services card for your appointment.

Terms & Conditions

Not all Lumino practices are ACC-accredited. You will need to confirm with the practice prior to booking. ACC may not cover the full cost of your dental treatment. Please check with ACC for more details about your individual case and situation.

If you need further treatment, you may need to revisit your dentist or see a specialist. If you are likely to need treatment from a specialist, ACC must approve this treatment as necessary first. Your dentist will discuss your treatment with you and can show you the ACC Schedule of Dental Treatment Costs Contributions. You need to ensure you are fully informed of what your financial responsibility is and what ACC will cover, before undergoing any treatment.