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Allen Baker

DentalOne, Auckland

“Having a decent exit programme had always been a part of my long-term business plan for DentalOne. Lumino offered exactly what I was looking for, so I joined in 2004. My time with Lumino has been extremely rewarding. They've got very good management systems in place, as well as being a very supportive, friendly team to work with. DentalOne was the first acquisition that Lumino made. Since then, the process has become more straightforward and streamlined. They're able to see things from the dentist's perspective and will walk you through the entire process. As far as this dental practice goes, nothing much has changed. However, my life has changed significantly. It's a huge relief to know that the practice can run without me and that my staff will be taken care of whether I am around or not. I went on holiday recently and, for the first time that I can remember, I was able to fully relax without constantly thinking about work!"

Pearl Allen

Nick Shearer

Shearer Dental, Oamaru

“Lumino was recommended to me by my brother-in-law, Anthony Wong of Anthony Wong Dental Trust in Wellington. Tony joined the group in early 2007. He told me it was a great way to access capital tied up in the practice. Lumino also helped Tony expand his practice, which was a very attractive prospect for me. I had bought Shearer Dental from my Dad, in 1989. And 18 years after that, in August 2007, I handed over the reigns of Shearer Dental to Lumino. The entire process more than met my expectations. The initial handover only took three months. It was straightforward and easy to follow. Since then, day-to-day proceedings have stayed pretty much the same. Although there is much less admin for me to do now! Lumino offers a huge amount of support, from providing support with human resources to buying new equipment. However, the best thing about becoming a member of the Lumino group is the knowledge that if anything happened to me the practice will carry on - and my staff will be safe and secure in their jobs.”

Shearer Dental Nick

Adam Doudney

Smile Studio, Orewa

“I owned Smile Studio for six years before approaching Lumino The Dentists. They were a wonderful six years, but being the owner as well as head dentist was a heavy weight on my shoulders. As owner, even when you're away from work you're still thinking about it constantly. Selling the practice was definitely the right choice for me and my family. Now we have more time to do the things we enjoy, such as our voluntary work and involvement with our church. Lumino made the whole process straightforward, quick and easy. There have been no major changes in the day-to-day running of the practice. However, we do now have a practice manager, who has eased my workload considerably. Lumino's support office gives us as much support as we want. We've been able to get equipment that we may never have been able to buy previously. Access to continuing education is also a huge benefit.”

Adam Doudney Orewa