Start Your Lumino Journey

Benefits of Joining

There are many advantages to becoming part of the Lumino group of practices.  

We've asked our practice and dentists who have joined us what they see as the benefits. Here's a few of their suggestions.

Achieve your financial goals

We pay market price. This gives you the opportunity to invest your retirement money into your own diversified investment portfolio without having it tied up in your practice. We help you achieve your financial goals.

Get a higher price. We give you the opportunity to earn a significantly higher price for your practice, if you stay in it and work to help us continue to grow it. We pay market rates for our dentists and help them to grow revenue through practice management systems and strategic marketing initiatives that give a real competitive advantage.

Flexible working options. You have the option of working for the group as an employee or contractor. We work with you to make sure our ongoing relationship with you is one that suits your needs.

Earn more money. Because you're no longer spending precious time each day with business and practice management-related tasks, you can earn more money from your own time in the working day.

Maximise your return. Dentistry is based on building strong personal relationships with patients. If you wait until retirement, you might find that your practice without you in it, is worth a lot less than it is today.

Improved professional life

Our goal is to relieve you of the more challenging responsibilities and stress of practice management. We aim to create a practice environment that enhances the quality of life for you, your dentists and your support staff. 

Once you're on board with Lumino you will enjoy:

Flexible work arrangements. We work with you to understand your personal goals and objectives and make sure you achieve a work-life balance that suits you.

Collegial relationships with other dentists. Our team of dentists regularly to stay abreast of matters relating to clinical and commercial topics. This is a forum that creates strong relationships and generates fantastic ideas and collaboration.

Enhancing your knowledge. We hold a regular conference featuring international speakers and presentations from experts within the group. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn from others – and to have fun. Continuing education is paramount and we contribute towards the cost of our clinicians to attend courses.

Keeping clinical independence. One of our key principles is that you as the dentist are free to practice your profession. We're right with you to offer clinical support when you need it. But we don't interfere with your professional work.

Excellent ongoing support. Our support office team are specialists in HR, accounting, marketing, IT, purchasing and administration. They're available to you to help you manage all the many services and functions need to run a practice.

Better purchasing power. Because we purchase as one group, you get to enjoy the benefits of better buying power and a better price. We can get considerable savings over and above sole practices. You're still able to use the materials you would normally use.

An ever growing pool of patients. As our patient database grows our marketing strength increases. We have an experienced and dedicated marketing team. They're constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to find new patients and reach current ones.