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Lumino Complaint Management Policy


The wellbeing of patients is of the utmost importance to us. Our goal is to have the clinical team members utilising the practice facilities consistently provide a high level of professional dental service. We are committed to a “Best Practice” clinical model, which includes a commitment to responding to the needs and concerns of our patients.

We take all complaints seriously, and we endeavour to respond and learn from complaints in a timely manner, as part of our commitment to continuously improve the service that is offered.

Sometimes a problem can be resolved simply by speaking to one of our team members or your oral healthcare clinician.

On other occasions you may wish to contact the practice in writing providing details of your concern.
Please provide your contact details, the nature of your complaint and any documents that may support your complaint.

In turn, we will:

  • Acknowledge your complaint in writing as soon as possible,
  • Ask for any extra information we need to help us resolve the complaint in a timely manner,
  • Conduct a thorough investigation, with reference to the practice and clinician,
  • Reply to you in writing within 10 working days (or explain why there has been a delay),
  • Keep comprehensive records of each complaint.


We will strive to resolve all your issues satisfactorily. If we, or your registered oral health care professional, are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction we will provide you with information regarding the alternative pathways, available to you, for complaints resolution.