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The dentistry world is changing fast. Start your Lumino journey here and join the revolution.

Dentistry around the world is currently going through a revolution. The traditionally fragmented, small-practice dental profession is quickly turning into an industry where larger practice groups are becoming the norm.

It's easy to see why practice owners around the world are opting for a group practice environment when you consider the following challenges and causes of frustration for dental practice owners:

  • Management of staff
  • The sense of isolation and boredom
  • Administration and management
  • The fear that the practice owner won't be able to afford or fund the retirement

It's not dentistry that's the problem. It's the way the dental industry is structured. That's why we firmly believe that the future of dentistry is in group practices such as ours.

Lumino The Dentists had its first breath of life in 2002 when it was purchased by Abano Healthcare Group. At the time it was known as Geddes Dental and had a grand total of 12 practices. Since then it has gone from strength to strength, to become New Zealand's largest dental healthcare organisation. Lumino has the largest group of fully-owned dental practices in New Zealand.

Our goal is always to become the industry-leading dental group in New Zealand, relieving dentists of the responsibilities and stress of business management and creating practice environments that enhance the quality of life for clinicians and support staff. This ultimately enables us all to provide the highest level of service and care to patients.

Our focus is on acquiring existing practices and bringing them on-board as members of our group. The group has a number of strategic initiatives, each of which is targeted at specific segments of the New Zealand dental marketplace.

There are many compelling reasons to join Lumino. When a practice joins us, we provide excellent employment opportunities to existing dentists and staff and integrate administration, accounting and practice management software into our centralised systems. All this happens behind the scenes, while the practice continues with business as usual. Staff or patients will notice any real change while the acquisition and transition takes place.

If you have questions or you're interested in taking the first step on your Lumino journey, contact Lumino General Manager Phil Worsley to arrange a meeting. These meetings are informal, 100% confidential, and free of any obligation. They're designed to give you a thorough understanding of the details and any potential challenges. They will enable you to make an informed decision about joining the most successful dental group in New Zealand.

Phil Worsley
General Manager New Zealand
Mobile 027 777 5359
Email [email protected]