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Lumino Dental Plan FAQ's

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers… 

Here are answers to some of the questions we’re asked most often. If the answer you need isn’t here, please contact us by clicking here.

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Payment Options Dental Plan General FAQ’s


How does the Dental Plan benefit me?
  • Provides access to a cost-effective, best-practice, annual oral health regime to ensure your oral health remains optimal. 
  • The option to pay via small, regular direct debit payments on a monthly or annual basis.
  • Provides access to a 10% discount on any further treatment recommended by your oral health provider whilst you are an active Dental Plan member.

Can I see any dentist or hygienist at my practice?
We recommend you seek treatment with your usual dentist or hygienist as they will be aware of your treatment history, however, if your usual clinician is not available you are welcome to visit one of the other clinicians at the practice.
Can I redeem my Dental Plan services at any Lumino practice?
No, Dental Plans are unique to each Lumino practice; therefore you will need to book your treatment at the same practice as you purchased the plan.
What am I entitled to when I become a Dental Plan member?
As a Dental Plan member you will  receive a one year best-practice oral health regime including 1x exam & x-rays and 2x standard hygiene appointments and 10% off all additional services/treatments (check T&C’s for some exclusions here).
Am I reimbursed if I do not claim my treatments?
No, you will not be reimbursed if you do not claim your treatments before the expiry date. Lumino will send you reminders and notifications before the date of expiry, or if we haven’t seen you for a while. This will help ensure you are able to make the most of your plan. 
If I renew my plan and I have unused treatments from the previous year, can they rollover onto the new plan?
No, treatments cannot be rolled-over. The aim of the plan is to encourage patients to visit regularly and maintain a good annual oral health regime. Lumino will send you reminders and notifications before the date of expiry, or if we haven’t seen you for a while. This will help ensure you are able to make the most of your plan. 
Can I combine two Dental Plans for more savings?
No, you can only have one Dental Plan per year; however your 10% discount is valid on  any *treatment/services at the practice at any time throughout the year. *Excludes implants and orthodontics.
Does having a pre-existing condition disqualify me from getting a dental plan?
No, everyone is welcome to join!

If I have a treatment about to expire but am going on holiday/away, can I get the expiry date extended?
Typically we would not extend a plan’s expiry date, however your clinician may use his/her discretion on a case by case basis and depending on appointment availability. 
What if my dentist is not able to fit me in before one of my treatments expire?
We will certainly do our best to see you but if you are unable to use your plan due to lack of appointment availability we will extend the expiry date of the plan by up to one week, or offer an appointment with another suitably qualified clinician at your practice.
What if I need extra treatment outside of my dental plan?
Additional treatment can be scheduled at any time. All plan members are also eligible for 10% off standard treatment (check T&C’s for some exclusions here).

Fees Explained

 Are all plans interest free?
Yes, all plans are interest free.
How much does it cost to join?
The cost of your Dental Plan may vary slightly by practice. Click here to find out more.
Can I transfer my Dental Plan to a friend or family member if I don’t use my treatments?
No, Dental Plans are unique to you and are designed to encourage patients to visit the dentist regularly to maintain optimal oral health. It is recommended you make good use of your Dental Plan treatments before the expiry date.
When can I start using my Dental Plan? 
Straight away! Click here to request an appointment.
If I have just finished  having a treatment done, am I able to purchase a Dental Plan to cover the treatment I just had?
Yes, please make sure you mention this when you arrive for your appointment. Lumino will also allow patients to sign up 24 hours after visiting the practice online.
Will I be charged a fee if I fail to pay my direct debit/pay late?
Lumino has partnered with Ezidebit, a division of the Global Payments network who specialise in securely transacting direct debit payments. Where a payment fails due to insufficient funds, a Dishonour Fee of $9.20 is charged directly by Ezidebit (correct as at 1st February 2017). Please refer to the Ezidebit Terms & Conditions document included in your Dental Plan confirmation email for further information.
If I fail to make a payment, will you contact me and let me know I have missed this?
Lumino has arranged for EziDebit to notify you by SMS the day prior to the Direct Debit being deducted from your account,  Lumino will also notify you if the Direct Debit is unsuccessful.

Medical Insurance

Can I claim my dental plan back with my medical insurance?
Lumino will issue an invoice/receipt of payment once the full fee of the Dental Plan has been paid. It is recommended that you liaise with your medical insurance provider to ensure that they cover the cost of a pre-paid dental plan.

If you are a Southern Cross member, please note they will only honour eligible member claims for the Lumino Dental Plan upon redemption of all your plan treatments (Dental Exam/X-ray and two Hygiene appointments), where the plan has been paid for in full.

Changing Details

What if my personal or bank details change?

Lumino has partnered with EziDebit Ltd; Global leaders in electronic payment management. EziDebit securely manages your information using the highest level of security available in the market. Call 0800 478483 toll free or visit for EziDebit assistance changing your payment details. Alternatively, ask your Lumino practice for an authorisation form.

How do I update my personal details?

It is important you ensure your details are current. If you wish to update your personal details please call your usual Lumino dental practice, or email with your new details and the name of your usual dental practice.

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Payment Options

What payment options do I have?
The Lumino Dental Plan is available for purchase by Direct Debit only however you are able to choose the frequency of your payments, either monthly or annually. After 12 months your Dental Plan will be paid in full and we will notify you when it is time to renew. 

The reception staff at your chosen Lumino practice will guide you through the sign up process or alternatively you can sign up online by visiting by clicking here.

Am I able to pay for the Dental Plan using Q Card?
No, the Dental Plan is only available via Direct Debit. However, if you require additional treatment throughout the year, you can take advantage of the 10% discount (see T&C’s) for treatments paid for using Q Card. 

Dental  Plan General FAQ’s

Do I need to be a current patient at the dental practice?
No, but we do suggest coming in to see us before you commit to the Dental Plan to check if it's right for you. 
What should I do if I believe I have been wrongly charged?
If you would like to check payment details please contact your usual Lumino practice.

Who should I call if I have questions about my plan, my remaining treatments or to make an appointment?
If you would like to check your plan details or make your next appointment please contact your usual Lumino practice. Alternatively you can  download the Goody App on your smartphone and login to your account that was created when you signed up to the Dental Plan, this will show you the number of treatments remaining on your plan.

Monthly and Annual Direct Debit Payments:
Yes, your Dental Plan membership will automatically renew after 12 months. Lumino will notify you prior to renewal to advise you of your upcoming expiry date. However, it is your responsibility to cancel the plan prior to renewal, using the correct process. If you do not cancel  your Lumino Dental Plan, it will automatically renew upon expiry and the new plan will be loaded to your account ready for redemption.

Am I able to check how many treatments I have claimed/how many unused treatments I have?
Yes! You can either call your usual Lumino practice to check the status of your membership, or visit the practice and swipe your membership card at reception to see a list of available treatments and your previous visit information.