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Dental Implants

Looking for a way to improve your smile? Dental implants give you function back and look and feel like your own teeth.

Dental implants are an excellent option for replacing one or more lost teeth. They're made to look and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible.

Implants will also help improve your speech, make it easier to eat, and improve your overall oral health. They’re durable, convenient and comfortable and can help boost your confidence.

Need to know


  • At least 3 appointments
  • At the first consultation visit is your dentist will examine your teeth and go over the procedure with you
  • At the next visit you will have the implant replacement
  • Finally, the implant restoration is done
  • Further appointments may be needed to complete the dental implant procedure. You'll also need to visit your dentist regularly after the procedure to your implants can be checked

How long it takes

  • A single implant surgery usually takes around 1 to 2 hours

You may be asked about

  • Your dental history and medical history
  • Your regular oral care routine at home

Before your appointment

  • If you're getting the surgical step done by an oral surgeon, they will give you some pre-operative instructions before surgery. These could include rinsing with anti-bacterial mouthwash, taking prescribed antibiotics a few days prior or not eating the day of the procedure (if you're being sedated)

After your appointment

  • If you have had surgery under sedation you’ll need someone to pick you up and take you home after surgery
  • You will need to eat a soft food diet for the first few days, avoiding really hot or cold food and drink
  • Use ice to prevent swelling
  • Don't smoke for as long as possible after surgery
  • On the day after surgery rinse your mouth with salt water and use Savacol mouthwash

Quick tip

Good oral hygiene will extend the life of your implants. Take good care of your oral health by flossing daily, brushing twice daily and regularly visiting the dentist and hygienist.

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The price of getting a dental implant differs depending on your situation and the condition of their teeth. Your dentist or specialist will let you know the cost of the treatment when you go in for your consultation visit.

You shouldn’t feel any pain during the implant procedure. You will likely be sedated during the procedure or given local anaesthetic so you won’t feel any pain. At the consultation your dentist or specialist will talk you through the procedure and any concerns you might have. You may experience minor discomfort for a few days following the procedure.

The length of time that your dental implants will last depends on how well you look after your oral health. We recommend going for regular dentist appointments as well as hygiene visits to take the best care of your implants. If you take good care of your implants they should last for years to come.

The main difference between implants and dentures is that dental implants are fixed permanently, while dentures are removable. Implants are more permanent and can also be used to secure a denture in place. Dentures are removable but can be made semi-permanent using an implant.