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About Us

Lumino The Dentists is the largest dental care provider in New Zealand. We provide high-quality dental care in over 120 practices nationwide.
Lumino’s first breath of life was in 2002 when it was purchased by Abano Healthcare. It was known as Geddes Dental back then, with 12 practices. Abano Healthcare is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (ABA) and has thousands of New Zealand shareholders directly and indirectly through their Kiwisaver schemes.

Abano Healthcare had a clear vision about the great New Zealand workplace and business that it could be. Abano changed the focus so that we predominantly treat private patients with an emphasis on providing high quality dentistry to New Zealanders. We focussed on acquiring great practices and quickly enjoyed the additions of some important flagship practices which remain with us today.

In 2005 the Lumino The Dentists brand was launched and Lumino’s successes continued to mount as we grew through acquisition by eight to ten practices a year.  During this time Lumino began to really carve out our footprint on the dental industry and on New Zealanders as a whole. 
At Lumino, we are all about providing amazing general and specialist dental care for our patients, attracting and selecting great quality clinicians and support teams, and providing everyone with opportunities that they wouldn't easily get elsewhere in dentistry to train, to network, and to share knowledge.

Our collective goal is to make dentistry positive, and we are immensely proud of the difference we make to New Zealanders.