Clinical Advisory Panel

At Lumino, we're firm believers in building strong partnerships with our clinicians, who play a critical role in the success of our vision.

The role of a Clinical Advisory Panel is to extend country specific clinical feedback which has been provided by the Clinical Advisory Team to further assist the Executive leadership team (ELT), and support office senior leadership teams (SLT).

CAP members assist Abano through:

  • being the “customer advocate” for the clinician network by providing feedback on the facilities and services provided by Abano to clinicians;
  • providing input on new technologies, materials, techniques, and trends within the industry which Abano may procure as part of its service to clinicians and practices across the network;
  • sharing information obtained through their clinical work which can be used for the benefit of other clinicians conducting their business from Abano’s facilities;
  • providing feedback on clinical policies and procedures developed by the clinical advisory function of the SMT, including feedback on how those policies and procedures can practically be implemented in the network;
  • setting the example for other clinicians by delivering high quality dental services to their patients;
  • assisting Abano in emphasising the importance of health and safety in practices.

CAP members are encouraged to attend events arranged by Abano (eg, dental conferences, networking events etc). These events provide an opportunity for CAP members to meet clinicians from the Abano network and obtain their feedback on the level and quality of services provided by Abano and assist CAP members in providing the input referred to above.

The CAP is composed of registered oral health practitioners (which may include dentists, hygienists, oral health therapists) utilising the facilities and services of the Abano network of dental practices in Australia and/or New Zealand. 

Clinical Leadership Team