Celebrating Smiles | 16 June, 2021

Dental Treatment Soars In Wake Of Pandemic

We may be in the midst of a global pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped Brigitte Lyne giving people something to smile about.

A dentist at Lumino Christchurch City CBD, Brigitte specialises in Invisalign® and says demand for the revolutionary teeth-straightening procedure has skyrocketed in the wake of Covid-19.

“I’ve taken on more Invisalign cases in the past five months than I did in the entirety of 2020, so demand is definitely growing,” says the certified Platinum Invisalign provider.

“Because of the COVID pandemic more people have been using  Zoom and video conferencing – and as a result, more patients are seeking orthodontic and cosmetic dental treatments. Holiday funds that aren’t being spent are being channelled into more expensive dental treatments. And  the fact that we’re not able to travel means people are staying in one place longer and are happy  to commit to a one or two year course of treatment.”

Invisalign is a popular choice for those seeking to enhance their smiles, combat wear from misaligned teeth, and correct overcrowding. More comfortable than traditional braces, patients can eat what they want and maintain better oral hygiene throughout treatment. Not only that, but Invisalign requires fewer clinic visits than braces, and – best of all – the trailblazing technology allows patients to view the predicted outcome of their treatment before they even start.

“Invisalign is an absolute game changer. The discreet appearance, faster treatment time and enhanced comfort has meant more patients are wanting to have orthodontic treatment. Invisalign gives you the ability to offer a treatment that’s minimally invasive and can help improve your patient’s smile without the need for multiple veneers.”

There’s a big global shift towards less invasive treatments, as dentists strive to protect tooth enamel and intercept excessive tooth wear. Brigitte says Invisalign is an ideal tool and is only getting better thanks to new aligner SmartTrack technology (for improved comfort and smarter movement), optimised attachments (for greater control), and software improvements (including 3D simulations, a new digital smile simulation tool, and apps that track patient progress).

At Christchurch City CBD, the majority of Brigitte’s Invisalign patients are young professionals seeking a discreet, quick, comfortable – and transformational – treatment, which can be carried out in their lunch break or after work. For optimal results, many of them also require some pre and post treatment such as bleaching, bonding or the occasional veneer.

“Bleaching and bonding to improve tooth colour and shape is a procedure I perform commonly after treatment and gives a better cosmetic outcome. I’m passionate about this type of conservative cosmetic dentistry.”

Cosmetic injectables is another area of interest and one that’s also seeing rapid growth and increased popularity – not just as a way to reduce wrinkles or enhance youthful features, but as an effective treatment for life-impacting disorders.

“Many patients with misaligned teeth and bite issues also suffer from temporomandibular dysfunction and pain from the jaw muscles. Being able to relax these muscles using botulinum toxin can help relieve this pain and associated headaches.”

By drawing on a wide range of dentistry tools and treatments, Brigitte is transforming central Christchurch one smile at a time.

“It’s such rewarding work and the end result is the best part. I love helping my patients achieve a beautiful cosmetic outcome and giving them the confidence to smile.”