Celebrating Smiles | 08 July, 2021

From The Dentist’s Mouth – Dr Taryn Lisa Desouza

Dr Taryn Lisa Desouza  has recently joined the team at Gentle Dentists Ellerslie and brings her experience working in general dentistry across New Zealand.

What made you decide to get into dentistry as a career?

While at school, I always enjoyed science based subjects and had a passion for helping people. In my spare time, I was also very interested in photography and design. Working as a dentist has enabled me to combine all of these interests and much more.

How long have you been practising dentistry?

I graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2019 and have been practising in New Zealand ever since.

Tell us about your career background?

Prior to joining Lumino The Dentists, I was working as a locum in Taranaki and in the Hawke’s Bay region. I thoroughly enjoyed the laid-back country life and the wonderful teams and patients I met in each practice I worked. My spare time was filled travelling around each region, sightseeing and sampling all the amazing local produce and restaurants along the way.

What do you love most about your job?

Hundreds of kiwis are either anxious or worried about visiting the dentist before they’ve even stepped foot in the dental clinic. Being able to work with patients to overcome such reservations and encourage a positive attitude towards looking after their oral health, truly brings me joy.

What are your special interests in dentistry?

I enjoy all aspects of general dentistry but would love to further my interests in root canal treatments and cosmetic dentistry.

What is the main piece of advice you give your patients?

Floss, floss, floss! Prevention is always better than treatment so I always encourage patients to form a good daily oral health routine. I also urge patients to eat healthy and be mindful of the effects dietary sugars and acids can have on their teeth.

Where would we find you outside of the practice?

In summer, you will definitely find me at the beach, or on a road-trip to the beach. During the colder months, I tend to spend more time in restaurants and cafés - as close to the heater as possible!

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