Celebrating Smiles | 27 June, 2023

From The Dentist's Mouth - Dr Keith Harper

Lumino Auckland Central welcomes Dr Keith Harper to the team.

What made you decide to get into dentistry as a career?

As a child, I always wanted to be an engineer. As I was nearing the end of secondary school, I started to lean toward medicine. Ultimately, I realised dentistry is a unique hybrid between the two, so I pursued this field and never looked back.

How long have you been practising dentistry?

9 years.

Tell us about your career background.

When I graduated, I spent my first year working in Queensland Health - a public clinic where my time was split between an adult clinic and a paediatric clinic. This gave me a great start to my career, seeing a diverse range of patients in both clinical and hospital settings. I then took these skills to private practice, where I continued to develop my passion for dentistry.

What is your most memorable case to date?

Dentistry is so varied, I feel like I have a memorable case every day! One of my favourites was a full mouth rehabilitation I did entirely in composite resin to restore a severely worn down bite. This gentleman was struggling to eat and in a lot of pain from both his teeth and jaw. This type of treatment is traditionally done in porcelain, but as the patient's budget was tight, we proceeded in simple resin and 6 years on he's still pain-free and couldn't be happier.

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What do you love most about your job?

Being able to make a genuine difference in people's lives. Seeing the reaction on someone's face when they see their new teeth for the first time, or watching a severely anxious patient transform into someone who comes in smiling and chatting - these are the moments I love.

What are your special interests in dentistry?

I'm passionate about smile makeovers. A makeover can be as simple as subtle changes to one or two teeth to hide imperfections, or as complex as an entire rehabilitation of your mouth. I also love taking a modern conservative approach to dentistry, where we are able to achieve a patient's goals by doing as little dentistry as possible.

What is the main piece of advice you give your patients?

When it comes to your teeth, be proactive rather than reactive. Regular visits to the dentist mean we can catch any problems early and provide simple, cost-effective solutions. Waiting until the problems manifest into something big enough to ruin your weekend will often lead to far more complex treatment.

Where would we find you outside of the practice?

Exploring all the eateries of Auckland. I've only just moved here, so there are a lot of foodie gems to discover!

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer is for new Lumino patients only, with Dr Keith Harper at Lumino Auckland Central.

  • This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

  • This offer cannot be applied retrospectively.

  • Full payment is due at the time of service.

  • Available for a limited time.

  • Offer includes bitewing x-rays only. Panoramic x-rays are not included and if required will be an additional cost.