Celebrating Smiles | 12 July, 2023

From The Dentist's Mouth - Dr Susie Kwon

Lumino The Terrace has recently welcomed Dr Susie Kwon to the team.

What made you decide to get into dentistry as a career?

I loved playing ‘dentists’ as a child, which inspired me to become a dentist

How long have you been practising dentistry?

One year.

Tell us about your career background?

I studied in Otago for four years and completed my final year in Auckland at the new dental school. After graduating, I find myself in wonderful and windy Wellington.

What is your most memorable case to date?

Helping a dentally anxious patient overcome their dental anxiety.

What do you love most about your job?

Building relationships with patients, and being able to help the community

What are your special interests in dentistry?

I am loving Invisalign.

What is the main piece of advice you give your patients?

BRUSH AND FLOSS DAILY!!!! It will save you thousands of dollars!!!!

Where would we find you outside of the practice?

Making pottery at Vincents Art Workshop, and doing yoga and pilates at Awhi Yoga & Wellbeing.