Community | 16 November, 2022

Lumino Dentists Build 33 Bikes For Kids In Need

On Friday 11 November, over 200 Lumino dentists, specialists and support staff from around the country gathered in Queenstown for our clinician conference. Part of the conference agenda included a charity team-building activity - putting together 33 bikes for children in need in the area.

Sponsored by Modern Dental Pacific, the 'Build A Bike' activity was run by Team Up, known as a small challenge with a big outcome. The challenge involved our Lumino teams working in groups to successfully build a bike for an underprivileged child. The bikes were assessed by an on-hand Bike Tech before being deemed complete.

Once all bikes were put together, a very special group of guests were welcomed into the venue, a group of kids from Kawarau School, their principal and Central Lakes Family Services.

The kids were very appreciative of the bikes, as were Central Lakes Family Services, who noted that people often don't think their region has families in need, that there is a lot of wealth in the area and that there aren't many social issues. 

"Obviously, we're the same as everyone else and we have a lot of families that are struggling: poverty, kids living in families with violence, sexual abuse, kids with parents fighting over them in family court, and kids with mild to moderate mental health issues," Fiona from Central Lakes Family Services said.

"We are so hugely grateful for you guys and appreciate this contribution donation to our community and to kids and families that have the bare minimum and would never have the opportunity to have a bike like this," Fiona added.

Central Lakes Family Services cover all primary schools in Queenstown, which is 8 in total and provide support to children in the region.

"There's a lot of children we support and whenever we get the opportunity to give children donations or gifts they are so shocked and surprised and really, really thankful. It will be amazing to donate some of these bikes to the children that we support and I know they will be so happy and grateful," Vicki from Central Lakes Family Services said.