Community | 25 February, 2020

Lumino Kerikeri teaches school kids the importance of brushing

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  • Lumino Kerikeri teaches school kids the importance of brushing

It's important to look after your oral health from a young age to prevent future problems occurring and to set up good habits for life.

That's why, when The Lions Club approached Lumino Keirkeri, they jumped at the chance to help educate local kids about the importance of brushing.

Two team members from Lumino Kerikeri dressed as a toothbrush and toothpaste to speak to 180 pupils aged five to 10 year old, from Kaeo Primary School, a lower decile school in Northland. The Lions Club is providing a toothbrush and toothpaste to the kids all year round.

Kerikeri Practice Manager, Christina Newman said the main highlight for them was talking to the kids, who were happy to listen and ask great questions. 

"Almost all of the kids knew that water is 100% the best thing to drink and didn’t agree with me that we should ban water from school and just have fizzy drinks."

Christina said they shared lots of laughs with the kids and the teachers while explaining the importance of looking after your teeth.

"The teachers loved the way we described decay and bacteria being poo from the bugs on your teeth and the fury feeling you get is poo. There were lots of laughs talking about poo."

The Kerikeri team had a great time and received good feedback from both the teachers and pupils.