Oral Health Resources | 17 March, 2021

Five Ways To Improve Your Oral Health

Looking after your oral health is so important. It can help prevent future, more expensive problems from occurring later on and improve your overall wellbeing.

Here's five easy ways you can improve your oral health.

Invest in a good quality toothbrush
The toothbrush you use is really important to maintain optimum oral health. You can choose an electric one if you prefer or a regular good quality toothbrush. It's important to note that the harder the bristles are, the easier it is to brush too hard, which can lead to problems like receding gums. Try switching to a brush with soft bristles and remember to change your toothbrush (or toothbrush head) every three months or after you've been sick.

Floss daily
It's not uncommon to forget this crucial part of your oral health routine, in fact, many Kiwis don't floss daily or even at all! Flossing is a really significant part of your oral health routine and helps prevent plaque build-up between your teeth. We recommend flossing every evening before bed.

Use an antibacterial mouthwash
Mouthwash is great to use each night after you floss and brush. You can also use it in the morning to help prevent bad breath. Antibacterial mouthwashes help clean germs off soft tissue that your toothbrush can sometimes miss, helping you prevent bacteria from spreading and affecting your breath.

Drink more water
We all that drinking plenty of water provides many benefits to our health, this also includes oral health. Drinking water after meals can also help act as a rinse to remove any food particles that might be left in your mouth and on your teeth.

Eat a healthy diet
Eating a healthy diet is also a good way to improve oral health. Eat lots of fruit, vegetables and protein can help keep you full and look after your teeth. A diet of too much sugar can lead to cavities requiring dental treatment to repair.

By following these tips alongside regular dentist and hygienist visits you can help improve your oral health. Remember to visit your dentist once each year for a check-up and your hygienist every six months for a professional clean and polish.

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Source: Colgate